Dramatic North Shore surf doesn’t pose a threat yet to Rocky Point homes

There is something about the ocean that captivates us, whether we live here or we’re visiting.

“It’s a scene you never get tired of. You want to see it over and over again and I just enjoy the islands and you can’t be in two better places than the islands and Alaska, to me.” Alaska visitor Dan Devereux said.

People on the shoreline seemed to share Dan’s feelings – but perhaps because of the rainy weather, there are not as many cars on the road as there might be on any other given Sunday. Those who braved the weather, enjoyed the view.

“We sometimes get some big surf where we are but this is beautiful exposure, the waves hitting the rocks and that’s the fascination here, the sheer power of it.” California visitor Mark Harris said.

Just down the road, we checked on the beach at Rocky Point where a number of homes were threatened by beach erosion. Homeowner Ryce Reeves is philosophical about it all.

“I realized being here over the years, you see how everything changes around here – the beach, people come and go. I’m just here in the middle of it all and it just happens.” Rocky Point homeowner Ryce Reeves said.

Reeves says it’s a sucker’s bet to gamble on what’s going to happen with the ocean.

“I didn’t hear anything about this big swell the other day and all of a sudden here it is. That’s kind of how I look at it. Just open the front door instead of going to the weather guy, see what it’s like and then that’s it.” Reeves said.

Remarkably, what looked like a potential disaster just weeks ago seems to have turned around. But homeowners are still on their guard.

“There’s always that debate on what’s the right thing to put out here to save the beach or whatever. So far the sand seems to be okay. It hasn’t really changed much. That drop was about 20 feet before, now it’s only a couple feet.” Reeves said.

It could last a while – it could be temporary. Only Mother Nature knows for sure…

“She’ll always win in the end. Yep. But we just get to enjoy her for the brief time we’re alive and that’s the moment in the clock of Mother Nature.” Harris said.

And that applies to the weather as well…

“Every day’s a new day out here. I was hoping it would be sunny today and here it is.” Reeves said.

A fire and rescue spokesman told KHON that late this afternoon there was only one rescue call from Makaha surfers – but they managed to get back on their own.

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