Hundreds turn out for ‘Jurassic World’ casting call

Jurassic World Casting Call

Today was the casting call for extras.. And a lot of people showed up.

A long line stretching for several blocks formed as a casting call was held for the latest Jurassic Park movie.

They came, umbrellas and all… And waited for about two and a half hours in line.

All for a chance to maybe get their 15 seconds of fame in “Jurassic World.”

The word went out several days ago about a casting call, extras wanted.

Casting crews were particularly looking for families with school-age kids, plus twin children, and even those who look like they’re in the military.

Some hopefuls even came wearing their military uniform.

The casting call was held at the Olelo Community Media Center in Mapunapuna.

“They just gave you all your information, if you’ve done anything else in the past any acting, extra roles.” Extra hopeful Robert Berthiaume said.

No lines to read .. Just a quick interview, and that’s it.

“There’s too many people they just going to go through everybody and pick out the best.” Berithaume said.

No word yet on how many people the casting department’s looking for .. But one thing’s for sure .. they certainly have plenty to choose from.

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