Man critically injured in Maili stabbing

Maili Beach Park

A tent and some cardboard is all that’s left at Maili Beach Park following a brutal stabbing.

It happened shortly after 4:30 a.m. Sunday in the area known as “Tumbleland.”

Marvin Botelho lives nearby.

“I was just standing by the coconut tree, under those coconut trees, walking this way, and that’s when we started hearing the guy screaming. Screaming for help,” Botelho said.

He and his friends rushed over to help the man, who was stabbed in the face.

“One of my friends took off his shirt and he just when cover the blood,” Botelho said.

Botelho then realized, he knew the victim. They were classmates at Waianae High School.

According to Emergency Medical Services, the 42-year-old victim was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

“When we came this morning, we saw a police man putting yellow tape around the coconut tree down there,” said Joel Morella, a park maintenance worker.

Honolulu police have not arrested anyone yet, but police sources believe the suspect is another homeless man, and that the victim was stabbed during an argument.

Workers say the homeless are known to camp in the area including the bathrooms. In fact, that’s what prompted the city to begin overnight closures at Maili Beach Park a few years ago.

“Actually, we see them when we come at work and they stay by the beach side. During the night, I think they stay on the grassy side,” Morella said.

Residents say this is a beautiful beach and that violence isn’t really an issue.

“It’s pretty peaceful during the daytime and the evening. And late at night, I guess that’s when all the freaks come out,” Botelho said.

Police have opened an attempted-murder case.

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