Action Line: Fake website targets Hawaii military

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Hawaii’s military community is being warned of fake websites designed to steal personal information. Tens of thousands of our country’s best and brightest call Hawaii home, each of them serving to protect our country, but thieves are using that as a crime of opportunity.

The latest scheme consists of a website claiming to be the My Army Benefits website, using the address

“What we’ve seen is either email or maybe someone, a member of the family found it online. It looks like a real website that’s offering a real benefits for military families,” said Timothy Caminos of the Hawaii Better Business Bureau.

The site asks people for their email address, password, and other confidential information.

“This particular one website was providing benefits, maybe it was benefits that weren’t claimed in the past, maybe it’s extra benefits that the families weren’t aware that they had”, said Caminos.

If you look closely at the website address, benefits is spelled wrong.

“A lot of times, these websites have grammatical errors, whether it’s the spelling, whether it’s the punctuation, you should look for those and that’s a red flag,” said Caminos.

Also, official military websites will always end with .mil.

“If you feel you have entered information, go ahead and contact your insurance office, your local insurance office, especially if you’ve accessed that information from a government computer,” said Caminos.

So far there’ve been no reports of anyone falling victim to the scheme, and the website has been taken down, but the Better Business Bureau says sites like this frequently pop up.

“Because Hawaii has such a large military population, them and their families are here, it does make them a target and we do see a lot of times here locally that military members and their families are targeted with scams,” said Caminos.

For more information, click here.

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