Kalanianaole repaving project set to begin within a few months

It’s been a long-awaited road project — repaving Kalanianaole Highway through East Honolulu.

The State Department of Transportation just announced the work will start sometime between late spring and early summer.

They’re still working out the details as far as the exact start date, how many lanes they plan to close at a time, and what areas they’ll work on first.

There will be some inconveniences for drivers during the project, but people who drive through that area say, it’s about time.

Kalanianaole Highway is the main road through East Honolulu, and when traveling down that highway, you’d better have good springs, shocks and struts.

“It’s very very bumpy,” said Kalama Valley resident Connie Fukuda.

“The condition of the road is very very bad.  I’m always trying to wiggle around the avoid the potholes,” said Portlock resident Alicia Enos.

And it’s not only your wheels and alignment you have to worry about.

“Actually blew out two tires right up the street here,” said Adam Myers, who works in Hawaii Kai.

But relief is on the way for that major artery, and not in the form of more band-aids.

The DOT plans to resurface Kalanianaole Highway from West Hind Drive in Aina Haina all the way down, past Niu Valley, Kuliouou, Hawaii Kai — a 4.5 mile stretch — ending at Hanauma Bay.

The bid for the job went out in November, and the state just awarded the $13.9 million contract.

“I think it’s way overdue.  I think it’s fantastic that they’re going to do it.  I’m curious about what’s going to happen with traffic,” Fukuda said.

The DOT says the contractor will only work on the project during the daytime.  They can’t work at night since there are lots of homes along the highway.

That means lane closures on Kalanianaole Highway between the morning and afternoon rush hour.

“This is a very heavily traveled corridor and whatever work they do is going to affect people who drive through this area,” Myers said.

“Well, we need it so we’ll put up with whatever inconvenience just to get it fixed,” Enos said.

In addition to repaving the road, the contractor will also install new signs, replace the end parts of the guardrails, and do some landscaping.

No word yet on how long the entire project will take.

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