Lawmakers propose stricter rules for harbor spills

Hawaii State Capitol
Hawaii State Capitol

Lawmakers are pushing for stricter rules when it comes to harbor spills.

The house passed on Tuesday a bill that would put a time limit on reporting dangerous or damaged property, and would also require government agencies and their contractors to cooperate in an investigation.

This is all in response to last September’s molasses spill in Honolulu Harbor.

“I think it’s clear that we want to deter this sort of thing from hapening again and make sure that anyone who has a responsibility to take care of their portion of their property actually takes care of it so that the taxpayers don’t end up paying the bill down the road,” said Rep. Chris Lee, (D), Kailua.

Previously, the house passed two bills that would update the state’s spill response plan and direct settlement funding from coral and reef damage lawsuits, toward reef and marine restoration.

All three bills now head to the senate.

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