Students rally at Capitol for air conditioning at school

Faculty and students at Campbell High School are tired of melting in the heat every day so they took their message to the State Capitol.

This is all part of the school’s ongoing attempt to beat the heat.

Students and teachers say they need air conditioning because some classrooms get as hot as 90 degrees — which could hinder learning.

“Right now children as young as five are in classrooms that are over 90 degrees all day. And I don’t think as a society, you know we’re doing our responsibility to give those children a quality environment,” Campbell High School teacher Corey Rosenlee said.

The heat really effects how you study because you get put into a room with 39 other students and the heat is enclosed, and it’s 90 degrees plus the body heat. All you want to do is just put your head down,” Campbell High School senior Chynna Oasay said.

The senate is currently considering a bill that would require all schools to have adequate cooling in their classrooms.

The DOE has also requested $25 million to help fund air conditions in classrooms.

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