Water restored after Kailua main break

Water main break on Kailua Rd.

UPDATE: Board of Water Supply crews have completed repairs to a broken a 10-inch water main at 197 Kailua Rd. Water service was restored to all affected customers as of 1:30 a.m. Friday.


Some Kailua residents are wading through water to get into their homes after a 10-inch water main break was reported on Kailua Rd. The break caused a steady stream of water to flood the road.

Residents were greeted with water and sand under the road as they came home from work.

“We were sitting in the house playing cards while couple of them went grocery shopping and my youngest son seen water in the floor and said oh, we’re flooded,” said visitor Dorothy Hall.

A 10-inch water main break on 197 Kailua Rd. was reported at about 5:15 p.m. Honolulu firefighters quickly responded.

“Water was intruding into several homes. We work with residents putting up barriers to divert water,” said Capt. Terry Seelig with the Honolulu Fire Dept.

Fire officials say water flowed into three to six homes.

The pavement dropped so much, it looks like a small pool on the road. “Where the water main broke, it has eroded soil as you can see and caused the pavement to drop,” Capt. Seelig said.

Fire officials say the pipe and road need to be fixed. The Board of Water Supply says the broken water main was installed here 70 years ago.

“Doing some homework and all of a sudden I hear big commotion outside. The neighbors were yelling and shouting,” said resident Max Towey. “The street was spitting water.”

A water wagon has been placed in the area to help the 40 customers who do not have water. Cost of the damage to the homes is not yet known.

“I look at my yard and it’s full of sand and I’m going to have to spend all weekend shoveling sand,” Towey said.

Both lanes on Kailua Rd. near S. Kainalu Dr. are closed. Repair work is expected to continue overnight.

The 10-inch water main was originally installed in 1944.

Stay tuned to KHON2.com for updates.

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