Hawaii stores included in diseased meat recall

File photo

A food scare hitting the mainland now includes Hawaii.

At first it was only six states affectedbut now the USDA says the recalled beef could have made it to more than 30 states including ours.

The beef may have come from diseased cattle that were not properly inspected.

The USDA released a list of several retailers in the islands.

Many of them are gas station convenience stores around Oahu that may have received the recalled meat products.

The USDA is investigating the California company Rancho Feeding Corporation for processing diseased animals.

Rancho Feeding Corporation reportedly processed cows that had cancer.

The company has recalled nearly 9 million pounds of meat.

The USDA believes that stores across the country received meat products that were recalled.

Here’s a look at the stores in Hawaii that the usda is including in the recall.

They include five Aloha Island Marts, three Fastops and a Circle-K.

“If it’s not a bacteria or virus, you could probably eat it and be okay. But again, the USDA is very careful in protecting the American citizen from the possibility of a food-borne infection,” Dr. Kalani Brady said.

KHON2 contacted the local offices of Aloha Island Mart.

It says it received Hot Pocket sandwiches made by Nestle which used meat from the beef provider now being investigated.

Nestle told Aloha Island Mart that none of the questionable products were shipped to Hawaii but the hot pockets were taken off the shelves as a precaution.

National retail chains, including Safeway and Walgreens, are also included in the recall list. So far, none of those stores in Hawaii have been affected.

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