Rescue crews respond to stranded vehicle at Kaena Point

Police, firefighters, and paramedics were called to the Mokuleia side of Kaena Point around 3:30 p.m. Saturday afternoon.

“We were notified there was a situation where a jeep was stuck in the mud and that bystanders had pulled out two individuals” Lt. Bobby Towne said.

A man from the driver’s side and a woman from the passenger’s side were both unconscious, possibly from carbon monoxide poisoning.

“The bystanders were doing CPR and were assisted by the fire department who airlifted them out” Towne said.

Paramedics took the man and woman to the hospital in critical condition.

Police say the man is in his 30s, and the woman in her 20s.  Both are in the military.

Traffic investigators still don’t know how long the jeep had been stuck there or how it got there, but they don’t believe it rolled over as first suspected.

“At this point it’s still under investigation. There were no obvious signs of damage to the vehicle or obvious injuries to the two occupants” Towne said.

According to the Department of Land and Natural Resources Kaena Point State Park has designated roads, but off-roading is prohibited.

The DLNR is investigating whether or not the pair had been on a designated road.

Traffic investigators plan to go out to the scene on Sunday.

“The weather and terrain prevented us from going out there at this point so we’ll go back out at daylight so we can at least assess the scene, diagram the scene and try to see if we can recover the vehicle” Towne said.

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