Chickens on Kauai being killed and injured by darts

Kauai Humane Society has launched an investigation after receiving disturbing photos of a chicken killed by what appears to be a blowgun dart.

KHON2 has learned that other chickens have been targeted as well, and it’s happening in an area frequented by locals and tourists.

Last week Wednesday around noon, Kai Morrighan went to get lunch from one of the food trucks parked in Kapaa, near Otsuka’s.

She sat down at one of the picnic tables.

“In between the next table, over in between two peoples legs, this hen gets shot in the head and she runs and hits a tree.  And we’re like, why did that chicken run into a tree?  And we went over there and there’s a blow dart sticking through his skull,” said Morrighan.

She says she didn’t see who did it.  But she did see another chicken with a dart sticking out of its neck.

“We just couldn’t believe they were shooting these at chickens in the parking lot, right in between tourists feet,” Morrighan said.  “If the wind blew, it would’ve gone 12 inches to the left; it would’ve gone through someone’s ankle,” Morrighan said.

Morrighan’s friend called police.

“And they kind of laughed at her and said they would be there, but if people are shooting chickens it’s not a high priority.  And we were like, um, they’re shooting four inch needles at peoples feet, in between peoples legs,” Morrighan said.

She says they waited for a half hour, but police never showed up.

Kauai Humane Society learned about the incident on Friday, and they’re now investigating.

KHON2 asked Kauai Humane Society’s Executive Director Penny Cistaro what kind of penalty the suspect or suspects would face.

Cistaro replied: “Well, they would have to be convicted of cruelty to animals.”

A Kauai County spokesperson told KHON2 that most cruelty to animals cases are misdemeanors, but very serious cases can be charged as a class C felony.

And that can result in not only a fine, but also jail time.

KHON2 also learned that a similar incident recently happened in Wailua, just a few miles away from Kapaa.

“We had a situation a few weeks ago where a chicken in Wailua had been shot through the beak with something similar and we were able to pull it out,” Cistaro said.

And even more disturbing — Morrighan went back to the food truck area on Monday, and was shocked by what she saw.

“There’s like six or seven chickens walking around with needles in their necks,” Morrighan said.

If you know who’s hurting and killing the chickens, Kauai Humane Society wants to hear from you.  Call (808) 632-0610.

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