Colorado marijuana numbers breakdown

Recreational marijuana numbers
Recreational marijuana numbers

DENVER, Colo. (KUSA/CNN) — The first number is $14-million. That’s how much in dollars people spent on recreational marijuana in Colorado during the first month of sales.

Which means that $436,000 is how much Colorado averages per day in sales.

2.2x is how much larger medical marijuana as a business is than recreational marijuana in the first month. It’s also how much more taxes recreational marijuana brought in to the state than medical marijuana because 12.9 percent is the rate of Colorado state sales tax on recreational marijuana.

Number one in recreational sales is Denver at $8.9-million sold. A distant number two getting people the ‘Rocky Mountain high’ is Summit County at $1.3-million.

$2-million is the total amount of state sales taxes raised on recreational marijuana. And just a fraction of that, $195,000, is dedicated to school construction. Enough to give $1,103 to each school district in the State of Colorado.

Though next year’s school cut is expected hit $40-million, the amount voters said they wanted to go there. But it’s just a guess.

In 12 months, Colorado will have a much better idea if they will be on track to raise that much money or not.

But for now, one is the number of months of data Colorado has to go by and it’s also the number of states that allow legal recreation marijuana sales.

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