Investigation underway after prized show horse attacked by dogs

Roxy, a 10-year-old show horse, was allegedly attacked by hunting dogs.

KHON2 has obtained a photo of the horse’s leg injury that some may consider graphic. To view the photo, click here.

Police are investigating the brutal attack last Friday on a prized show horse in Waimanalo by a pair of hunting dogs that allegedly belong to pig hunters. KHON2 spotted at least 10 dog bites on Roxy, a 10-year-old show horse who lives on the ranch, Na Lioo Waimanalo, or “The Horses of Waimanalo.”

To protect herself, Roxy was able to trample one of the dogs to death. “I don’t blame the dog that died here, that was stomped, because she was protecting herself,” said owner June Pires. “It’s the owners that trained the dogs.”

Roxy is valued at $7,000. Her veterinarian bill currently stands at $1,000. Pires says Roxy’s injuries will prevent her from strutting at a horse show this summer and, if her leg injury had been any worse, Pires may have been forced to put Roxy down.

Pires says while this is the first time the ranch has seen an attack, it proves that pig hunters and their dogs should be better monitored.

The Hawaii Dept. of Land and Natural Resources, which issues licenses to hunters, says there are no public hunting grounds in Waimanalo and that hunters are allowed to hunt on private property if they have the permission of the land owners.

This is not the first time dogs have gone after livestock in Waimanalo. In the summer of 2012, dogs created a frenzy when they went after a bull. A man was injured when the bull chased him in his yard.

The Oahu Pig Hunters Association says responsible hunters can train their dogs not to attack farm and ranch animals. “It’s just like anything, how to teach your dog to sit, to fetch,” said vice president Mitchell Tynanes. “It’s similar to how you train them to go after certain livestock.”

The association also reminds hunters not to hunt at night and that the period when you can hunt starts one hour before sunrise and ends one hour after sunset.

Tynanes has a last word for those who do not follow the rules: “Try to do the right thing and stop giving the good hunters a bad name.”

DLNR says if you suspect illegal hunting, you should report it to police. The Hawaiian Humane Society also referenced the city’s dangerous dogs law. Violators can be fined, imprisoned, and made to pay restitution for injuries and damage to property. The dogs, if deemed dangerous, can also be impounded.

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