Northern Calif. earthquake still causing aftershocks

Earthquake still causing aftershocks
Earthquake still causing aftershocks

(KIEM/CNN) — A 6.9 magnitude earthquake shook the coast of Northern California and parts of Oregon Sunday night.

Lori Dengler, Professor of Geology at Humboldt State University, says last night’s earthquake was large enough where it could have caused a significant amount of damage, but says it wasn’t the type to cause a tsunami.

“This was another Gorda Plate earthquake. Gorda Plate earthquakes involve horizontal motion. They don’t produce the vertical up down motion that produces a tsunami,” Dengler said.

Since the earthquake hit just before 10:30 last night, there have been more than 20 aftershocks near the north coast. Dengler says that can be expected for up to four weeks.

“Basically it’s nature trying to readjust the newfound configuration when one part of the rock has moved relative to the other,” Dengler said.

The shake was certainly large enough that most people felt it, and enough to get the attention of one store cat captured on this security camera.

“Stuff fell of the shelves; our cat got a little bit scared. Haha,” owner of The Farm Store Thommi Haskins said.

Haskins said her store had minimal damage other than just a surprised cat.

“We walked around, we had a couple of broken bottles of shampoo and spray but other than that we just walk around and make sure nothing is fallen and smashed anything,” Haskins said.

And for others on the north coast it was just a reminder that there is a high chance of earthquakes in the area.

“It was very exciting to feel the earth move and wobble. And not scary,” Eureka resident Janica Snyder said.

But Dengler says last night’s quake is a chance to prepare.

“One of these days we will have another stronger earthquake closer to the coast that will cause considerable damage,” Dengler said.

She says people should drop, cover and hold on, and that you should have a plan in place, in case the big one hits.

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