Hawaii Republican Party appoints Saiki as new chair

Pat Saiki

A new leader has been appointed to the Hawaii Republican Party. Pat Saiki will likely take over as chair, replacing David Chang, who led the party since 2011.

Saiki previously served six years in state House and eight years in state Senate and was chair of the Hawaii Republican Party for two-and-a-half years before being elected to U.S. Congress in the ’80s.

“When David Chang told me he was being deployed in service to our country, and he asked me to step in, I couldn’t say no; not when it concerned a political party that has been my home for five decades” Saiki said. “It’s no secret that we’ve got our work cut out for us, but I’ve always believed that there’s opportunity in adversity, and I know our elected officials and our candidates offer Hawaii voters a real choice in this year’s elections.”

The party’s state committee will vote next week to confirm Saiki to the seat.


UPDATE: Pat Saiki confirmed as Hawaii Republican Party chairwoman – March 19,2014

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