Suspicious letter causes scare in downtown Honolulu

Crews responded to First Hawaiian Center on Friday.
Crews responded to First Hawaiian Center on Friday.

Emergency crews gave the all-clear after a scare in downtown Honolulu Friday.

It happened at 11:30 a.m. at the First Hawaiian Center tower on King and Bishop sts.

Officials say two employees on the 27th floor reported mild rashes and tingling after opening a letter. Emergency medical services examined the workers while firefighters inspected the area.

According to authorities, their symptoms had disappeared and vital signs were regular. They were not taken to the hospital.

Firefighters say no hazardous material was detected.

For those who encounter suspicious packages in the future, officials say to look for warning signs like a lack of return address, incorrect labeling, an excess amount of postage or wetness. If you think a package is suspicious, don’t open it and call 911 immediately.

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