Camera captures Kaaawa burglar in the act

Kaaawa Burglary Suspect. Photo courtesy: Ian Lind.

UPDATE: Stolen items returned after burglary photo goes viral

A burglary suspect is on the loose after hitting up a home in Kaaawa.

It happened on Haahaa Street at about noon Friday.

Ian Lind has lived in Kaaawa for more than 25 years. When he came home that night, he knew something wasn’t right.

“You can see there’s a heavy door where you can get to the storage area under the house. And it appeared that, that door was swung open and by climbing on that, he could then just pop the screen out of the second window, and lift the window open, and climb in,” Lind said.

Once inside, the suspect took a pillow case from the bedroom and went shopping, filling it with items valued at more than $1,000.

Luckily for Lind, his motion-activated camera snapped photos of the suspect. He was wearing a gray T-shirt, jeans, and had a pair of sunglasses on his head.

After filing a police report, Lind posted the photos on his website to get the word out.

“The only thing different here is that I got a picture and social media now makes it vastly easier to spread that picture around. That’s what’s amazing about this small incident,” Lind said.

Since then, multiple tips have been pouring in. He’s confident the suspect will be caught.

And while the photos will help with the investigation, Lind says security cameras and alarm systems can only do so much.

“Here’s the problem in Hawaii. We don’t build houses to be secured. Right? You build houses to let the air in, to let the breeze come through, to keep cool. You have louvers. If someone wants to get in a local house, they’re going to find a way in,” Lind said.

He’s found that the best solution is to work with neighbors. Let them know what’s happening and keep an eye out for each other.

“All you can do is you make it a little harder for people to get in so that they might want to go someplace that’s not quite as much trouble. Doesn’t take as much time. Won’t require making noise to get in,” Lind said.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to call police.

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