San Francisco woman keeps trying to get to Hawaii

Marilyn Hartman Photo: San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office
Marilyn Hartman Photo: San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — A San Francisco woman doesn’t have a plane ticket. But that hasn’t stopped her from trying to get on a flight to Hawaii.

62-year-old Marilyn Hartman was arrested this morning at San Francisco Airport.

The airport had a restraining order against her because she tried to get on flights to Hawaii on three separate occasion last month… without a ticket.

In one instance she even made it past security, and on a plane.

As a result of those attempts, San Mateo County Court issued Hartman a court order mandating she stay away from the airport unless lawfully ticketed to fly.

This morning, Hartman was caught in the San Francisco International Airport food court. She was not in possession of a boarding pass in her name and did not have funds necessary to purchase a ticket.

Hartman was arrested on charges of violating a court order and trespassing.

Allegedly, Hartman is telling police she is terminally ill and wants to go somewhere warm.

However, authorities are unsure if this information is correct.

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