Sudden changes to street parking confuses Aiea residents

Sudden changes to street parking in Aiea left some residents confused.

“You’re going to have an accident mecca here,” said resident Darryl Freeman.

That is just one of the concerns from people caught off guard about a city pilot project in Aiea.

A stretch of Ulune Street took on a new look Wednesday morning when city crews did quick work on the road along Aiea High School, including changing the way people will park there.

No more parallel parking.

The stalls are now at a slant and the signs tell you the three steps you are to take to make it safe.

This project is not just about adding parking on Ulune Street.

The city is also trying to deal with speeding, so they have narrowed a lane in order to calm traffic.

The city says this is a good idea not just for parking but for pedestrian and traffic safety.

Darryl Freeman knows something about public safety. He served in the Honolulu Fire Department for 23 years.

“Oh easily, look how they narrowed the road, and if you watch the cars going by us now, they are not going 25 miles an hour,” Freeman said.

The city listed a number of reasons why this project is a good idea.

In addition to solving the parking and speeding problem, they say it will be safer for pedestrians and bicyclists.

“Okay, to me, if you’re not aware of the person stopping and backing up, you’re going to cause an accident,” said Ross Higaki, who lives on Ulune Street.

The city will outline their reasons for this pilot project at a news conference on Friday.

KHON2 will follow up to see if the city is able to address the concerns.

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