Envisioning the new Farrington High School auditorium

The interior of Farrington High School's auditorium on March 20, 2014.

Farrington High School’s auditorium is now officially a construction site.

On Thursday, KHON2 got a look inside for the first time since the roof came down more than a year ago. Structural engineers at the time said a design flaw and heavy rains caused the collapse.

The Dept. of Education says the $12 million project is currently out to bid and should be awarded in April with work to rebuild the auditorium to take begin this summer.

Principal Alfredo Carganilla can’t wait to get back into the auditorium. “Anytime you can share with the community and really have them be partners in education, that’s a great thing,” he said.

“So now we’ve done the investigation, check, that’s done,” said Donalyn Dela Cruz of the Dept. of Education. “The next design, check, that’s done. And now we’re into the construction phase, so there is a process moving forward and that’s where we are right now.”

Carganilla is quick to point out that the new facility will be more than just an auditorium. “We were involved with the planning of it, making sure that we shared our needs, shared the kinds of things that we envisioned the auditorium to be in the future,” he said.

The new plans will include a new media center and more classroom space, along with basic upgrades to get the building back to code — electrical wiring, a fire alarm system upgrade and a better air conditioning system. The improvements will also ensure the facility meets all Americans with Disabilities requirements.

“We’ve managed by using our library, cafeteria, our gym, but now getting it back, having the prospect of getting it back, I think for us it’s just an exciting time,” Carganilla said.

The DOE hopes the project can be completed by the summer of next year.

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