Pearlridge center hosts kendama festival

Kendama festival

The nation’s biggest kendama festival took place at Pearlridge Center Saturday afternoon.

Kids of all ages came to fine-tune their skills and learn from the kendama pros.

They also got some autographs and had a chance to take home some cool prizes.

“We have guys here from the kendama USA team. We have GLOKEN’S from Japan. And we also have guys who flew in from Denmark because they heard about this event. So this is a huge, big deal” Pearlridge Center Marketing Director Kelly Kauinana said.

“Yeah they’re putting down the video games. they’re getting encouragement to get their homework done faster just to play with kendama. Parents are loving it.” Razor sports store manager Iakona Mederios said.

The event will also take place Sunday, starting at 10 a.m.

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