Trio of elephants escape a Missouri circus

Photo from video by Allie Tunnicliff
Photo from video by Allie Tunnicliff

(KSDK/CNN) — A trio of elephants ran away from the circus Saturday afternoon in Saint Charles, Missouri.

They might have been spooked by a boisterous crowd and bolted out of a door and into a nearby parking lot.

If you can’t believe the headline, here’s the video to prove it… captured by Allie Tunnicliff.

“We saw the other people running and we’re like oh my god they’re escaping, what’s going on.
I called my husband, I’m like, Tom, the elephants are escaping. He’s like get in the car!” Allie Tunnicliff said.

So, Karyn and Allie got back in the car – and started recording.

They estimate it took around 45 minutes for several trainers to coral the three elephants between two trailers.

“She yelled to the one guy, I need pretzels, anything, any kind of food,” Allie Tunnicliff said.

“You could tell they were so upset, like oh my gosh our animals are running down. They were so upset and scared. They didn’t want anyone to get hurt and they were afraid for the animals too,” Karyn Tunnicliff said.

No one was hurt – but the animals did do damage to several vehicles.

Witnesses who were inside the arena for the Shriner Circus say the crowd was yelling when the animals got spooked, busting out the doors.

They were so afraid and the people were trying to calm them and they were trying to keep everybody back.

After the animals were safely back into their trailer, the crowd was free to leave.

Allie and Karyn decided to stay as planned.

And in true circus fashion – the second show of the night – did go on.

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