Action Line: Get free tax help from experts

The Internal Revenue Service is fielding questions from taxpayers as April 15, the deadline to file taxes, approaches.

“It comes in every year if they can claim a certain person in their family or in their household and that’s a pretty general statement,” said Grace McKnight of the Internal Revenue Service. “The other (question) would be, ‘What form should I pick up, what form should I use to file with?’ and those normally are folks who are doing paper return.”

And don’t forget about claiming those all-important tax credits.

“There are many credits that appear on our tax return and one that is claimed by many taxpayers is the Earned Income Credit and it’s for families who are in a lower income bracket that qualify for this credit,” McKnight said.

When it comes time to file, the IRS encourages people to file electronically. Eighty percent of Americans already do.

“We have seen a very big change,” McKnight said. “A while back folks who were doing their own tax return were reading tax law and reading instructions and coming in with their pencils asking questions.”

The IRS says filing electronically is not only safe, it means a faster refund for those getting one.

If you’re filing by paper, don’t forget to attach your W-2s and sign your return.

If you haven’t filed your tax return yet, our Action Line Tax Days may be of help.

On Tuesday, Action Line volunteers will be answering questions on where you can get tax forms and free tax help. Then from Wednesday through Friday, tax professionals will be answering tax-related questions from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. The schedule follows:

  • Wednesday, March 26: Internal Revenue Service
  • Thursday, March 27: Hawaii Department of Taxation
  • Friday, March 28: Hawaii Society of Certified Public Accountants

Call 591-0222 with your questions and click here for more information.

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