Suspect pleads no contest to Waipio murder, dismemberment

Bryan Suitt

The city prosecutor’s office said there was an unusual turn of events in a courtroom Monday afternoon.

Prosecutors said Bryan Suitt, 46, pleaded no contest to murder in connection with the death of Alex Gonzales in September 2013.

Suitt originally pleaded not guilty via video conference from Oahu Community Correctional Center.

Authorities said Gonzales was stabbed 55 times, dismembered and dumped in a ravine along Mililani Memorial Park Road.

Suitt entered his plea without an agreement from the prosecutor’s office.

He will be sentenced in October to life in prison with the possibility of parole.

In December, a U.S. Marshalls’ Fugitive Task Force arrested Suitt at his family’s residence on Coronado Island and charged him with second-degree murder. He was extradited back to Hawaii.

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