Dad turns toddler’s imagination into digital reality

Courtesy: Daniel Hashimoto/Action Movie Kid

One dad is turning his three-year-old son’s imagination into reality with the help of special effects and editing skills.

Daniel Hashimoto created a series of short videos called “Action Movie Kid,” chronicling the adventures of his son, James. Hashimoto, who works at Dreamworks Animation in Los Angeles, uses special effects to blast a McDonald’s playhouse into outer space, activate a light saber at Toys ‘R’ Us, or even turn his living room floor into a lava lake.

When asked what his son’s reaction was to his videos, Hashimoto said, “His reaction was funny. It’s that three-year-old brain not understanding the special effects, but his reaction was, ‘Why do I do that for real, Dad?'”

Daniel says his son reminds him that life is an adventure.

By the way, James will soon have a co-star. A brother or sister is due in September.

Watch a few clips below and click here for Hashimoto’s YouTube channel.

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