Does Ala Wai Canal need another bridge?

There are three bridges that go across the Ala Wai Canal.

Is that enough?

The idea of building a fourth bridge drew dozens of people to the McCully Neighborhood Board meeting Thursday evening.

One end of the bridge would be at the end of University Avenue near the Ala Wai Elementary School.

It would span the canal to Waikiki at Ala Wai Boulevard.

The new bridge would only be open to pedestrians and cyclists.

“If we build this bridge it will improve safety by getting regular people going to their jobs, workplaces, shopping, and eyes on the street. It is going to make us more safe, so I strongly support this,” said a supporter.

“People have concerns about safety and access. there is a lot of need out there. certainly any project like this would take a long time to plan,” City Department of Transportation Services deputy director Mark Garrity.

The project is only on the drawing boardand still waiting on funding.

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