Freeway shooter appears before parole board

Toby Stangel
Toby Stangel

The man convicted of going on a shooting spree on the H-1 Freeway three years ago made his plea before the parole board Thursday.

Toby Stangel received three consecutive 20-year prison terms, but prosecutors want to change that to 50 years per term. The board will decide his minimum sentence.

According to court documents, Stangel shot Tammy Nguyen while she sat at an intersection with her 16-year-old daughter. He then shot and injured two motorists on the H-1 Freeway, kept driving and shot at two police officers.

“We believe he’s a danger to society and when you look at the circumstances to this case, we don’t believe he should get out of prison, frankly,” said deputy prosecutor Dwight Nadamoto.

“It doesn’t excuse what he did,” said John Schum, Stangel’s attorney. “He wasn’t carrying the weapon around to harm anybody. It was for self defense.”

The parole board is expected to make a decision in about two weeks.

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