Shipyard application period extended to April 2

File photo
File photo

Earlier this month, the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard held a job fair to show the work that is being done there.

The deadline to apply for a position at the shipyard has been extended to April 2, 2014. Originally it was today, March 28.

The Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard says it needs to hire more people in order to meet its increasing workload.

Workers are responsible for repairing and maintaining the Navy’s ships and submarines, making sure they’re fully fit to fight.

Each year, the shipyard hires between 100 and 150 workers including apprentices and engineers.

The full time positions have an hourly pay range of $18.18 to $20.59, and fill vacancies for the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard and IMF Apprentice Program that start January 26, 2015.

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