Heavy rain, thunder, lightning, even hail seen across many parts of the state

The hail storm came in a hurry – and just as suddenly, it was gone.

“I thought it was little pieces of snow, kind of, little pieces of snow.” Weather fan Kayden Ong said.

Throughout Waikele, the hail caught people off guard.

“It’s just like out of nowhere, and it was just pouring really hard. You could actually hear it on top of all the cars.” Weather fan Michaela Sy said.

The Hashimura baby luau was disrupted for a few minutes.

“It was so unusual and I wanted my Mom to see it.” Ong said.

According to the National Weather Service, conditions were ripe for hail and thunderstorms.

“In order to generate hail, you need a lot of instability. What that means is that you have cold air up high and warm air down low. That warm air is going to want to rise.” Meteorologist Derek Wroe said.

The problem is, party planners like the Hashimura’s don’t know exactly when those conditions are going to happen.

“It looked like the sky opened up for a while. The next thing you know I looked at the ground and there’s hail all over the ground. I never seen hail here – I been here a long time. That’s the first time I actually seen that.” Weather fan Floyd Mccoy said.

This time, Waikele got the brunt of the hail storm – but meteorologist Wroe says the weather phenomenon can show up any time, any where.

“It really doesn’t matter where it is. You could get – as long as the conditions are favorable – like they are today, you could really have a thunderstorm pop up just about anywhere.” Wroe said.

While hail is somewhat unusual in Hawaii – it can be expected during unstable weather conditions. That’s when outdoor parties can be a “hail” of an experience.

“Actually the rain started raining a little bit harder, and as it got harder, all of a sudden it just seemed like like little bb’s were bouncing off the top of the tent. You could hear that – it was like, wow, what is that? And again we looked outside and we saw the hail.” Mccoy said.

Stay with KHON2 News for the very latest on the developing weather conditions.

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