Waikiki Cold Stone Creamery closing

Waikiki Cold Stone Creamery
Waikiki Cold Stone Creamery

The high cost of rent in Hawaii has claimed another business, one of the Cold Stone Creamery stores in Waikiki.

The ice cream shop on Kalakaua Avenue near Lewers Street will be closing for good Monday evening.

The owner says the rising rent at that location is making it tough to turn a profit. Even though her store is among the most popular in the chain.

To help clear inventory, that store has slashed prices to half-off for ice cream until everything is sold.

“Oh yeah, me and my girlfriend come here all the time. It’s amazing. It kind of sucks it’s closing down. There’s not many. This is the only really good place. They got everything you ever want, right,” customer Tristan Hamm said.

There’s another Cold Stone location in Waikiki that’s not closing. That one is in the Aston Waikiki Beach Hotel at the other end of Kalakaua.

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