Monthly siren test scheduled for Tuesday

The Civil Defense Division of the Department of Defense will conducted its monthly statewide outdoor siren warning system on Tuesday.

The test will begin at 11:45 a.m.  For the purpose of this test, you will hear a minute steady tone on all sirens.

When you hear the steady tone in circumstances other than a test, turn to any radio or television station for essential emergency information and instructions.

During an actual emergency these broadcasts will be heard at frequent intervals and may become continuous if need be.

The steady tone is used to alert the public to any emergency that may pose a threat to life and property. Besides natural hazards, the Emergency Alert System could be used for terrorist incidents or acts of war.

April is also Tsunami Awareness Month and State Civil Defense reminds everyone to be better prepared and check your emergency plans and kits.

For information on Tsunami Awareness Month events and activities, visit

NOAA weather radios can be purchased at most department or electronics stores as well as online.

Contact your county civil defense/emergency management agency to report siren operations issues: Hawaii 808 935-0031, Maui 808 270-7285, City and County of Honolulu 808 723-8960, Kauai 808 241-1800.

Oahu residents may sign up for the Adopt a Siren Program.

When the siren signal is sounded in your area, tune to any local radio or television station for emergency information and instructions broadcast by civil defense agencies.

Participating stations will carry a detailed explanation of what the sirens mean, as well as other related information, during the monthly test.

Tests of civil defense sirens and the Emergency Alert System are conducted simultaneously, normally on the first working day of the month, in cooperation with Hawaii’s broadcasting industry.

Civil defense disaster preparedness information is located in the front section of telephone directories in all counties.

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