Teen charged with manslaughter appears in court

Gerime Bradley

An 18-year-old high school football star charged with manslaughter in connection with last week’s fatal beating in Ewa Beach appeared in court for the first time Tuesday morning.

According to court documents, on March 23, Gerime Bradley was with two friends when they met up with the victim, John Howard, 38, shortly after midnight near a friend’s home in Ewa Beach. Witnesses say they saw Bradley kick Howard, who fell back and was unconscious. Records show that one of Bradley’s friends also took a picture of the victim as he was lying on the ground. Howard was taken to the hospital in critical condition where he later died.

The two friends who were in the car with Bradley are now cooperating with police and gave statements saying what happened. They said Howard was blocking their path in the middle of the road and was yelling and cursing at them. They parked the car a few houses down, came out of the car, and that’s when Bradley confronted the victim. Bradley’s attorney says 9-1-1 calls made that night will show that it was Howard who started the trouble.

“From all the reports, he was intoxicated,” said Myles Breiner, Bradley’s attorney. “He was causing disturbances in the neighborhood.”

During Bradley’s court appearance, Breiner’s colleague requested a motion for release on his own recognizance, due to the fact that he was not a danger to the community, not a flight risk and surrendered himself to police. She also requested a bail reduction, saying $200,000 was excessively high given that Bradley had no previous criminal history.

No change was made Tuesday, but a judge will revisit the requests during Bradley’s preliminary hearing on Thursday.

Bradley’s family was in the courtroom during his appearance. His father spoke with KHON2 Tuesday.

Gerime Bradley, whose son also goes by the same name, says he feels badly for the victim’s family. He says his son has never been in trouble before and he doesn’t understand how the whole incident happened.

“He made a mistake,” Bradley’s father said. “He was hanging with his friends, his friends live in the area… Hopefully, he comes out of this alright.”

The younger Bradley was a starting running back at McKinley High School. His father says the high school senior was getting ready to play for Wrigley College next year on a football scholarship.

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