Boston firefighters dig through ashes to find fallen firefighter’s wedding ring

Boston firefighters

BOSTON, Mass. (WCVB/CNN) — Boston firefighters found a special way to honor their fallen brother, Lieutenant Edward Walsh.

Walsh was one of two killed last week battling a massive fire on Beacon Street.

The firefighters returned to the scene and found the one thing his widow wanted back.

The investigators were back at the burned out Beacon Street shell today, Patty Donovan on the job as well. They usually find the source and cause of fires, yesterday they found the heart of comfort. It was in the basement.

“One started digging, another had shovel, four of us had sifters and we just got scoops each one got a scoop and you just go through it slowly, scoop after scoop with your hands,” Patty Donovan, Boston Fire Department said.

They were looking for it. Ed Walsh’s wedding band, the one thing his widow wanted back. Firefighters had already turned Firehouse 33/15 upside down searching no luck. So they went back to the scene.

“It’s one of the tools the investigators use, you know they sift. And so they take the charred debris and they sift it looking for clues,” Steve MacDonald, Boston Fire Department said.

Patty Donovan couldn’t believe it was there and all right. They rushed to the wake already underway, other mourners watched.

“They surrounded her like the second family Lt. Walsh has, the firefighters. Even though we didn’t know what they were giving to her it was incredibly moving,” John Tobin, former Boston City Councilor said.

“I had been at the fire scene so we weren’t all that clean so, but we wanted to get over there before the wake was over so when we presented the ring to her at the wake and she um, slipped it on her finger and she started crying and we gave her big hugs and that was it. Just a touching moment,” Donovan said.

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