Post office halts mail over scary Chihuahua

(Photo: CNN/KCRG)

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (CNN/KCRG) — The big bark of a little dog is preventing one Iowa neighborhood from receiving its mail.

Apparently, the U.S. postal carrier assigned to the block isn’t convinced the dog’s bark isn’t bigger than its bite.

“The dog has interfered, on a number of occasions, with the delivery of the mail in that particular neighborhood,” said Richard Watkins, USPS spokesperson.

So the post office sent out letters saying after the mail carrier saw the dog unrestrained for the fifth time, the entire block’s mail is on hold. Everyone on the block has to go to a nearby post office if they want their mail.

The dog at the center of this mail holdup is a Chihuahua mix. Owner Guillermo Tellez defended his dog, saying it occasionally gets out, but usually stays inside.

He says the dog is friendly and plays nicely with his children, but his next door neighbor understands why the postal carrier feels threatened.

“We got chased a couple times just bringing in our groceries into our house in our own driveway,” said neighbor Alyssa Taylor. “We called animal control at that point and they did come and seize the dogs because it did not have its vaccines up to date. Two weeks later, my five-year-old was bit in the back of the leg in our own backyard.”

Another resident just wants the situation resolved. “I don’t really care what they do, I just want my mail back,” said resident Elmer Kasey.

“Once we know that the dog owner has taken responsibility and making sure that dog is not running free in the neighborhood, the mail delivery will continue,” Watkins said.

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