Female MP is hero at Fort Hood

89th MP Brigade
89th MP Brigade

(CNN) – 34-year old Ivan Lopez covered a lot of ground during his shooting rampage before he took his own life.

There was one person who stood between him and potentially, a lot more casualties, and that person never gave ground.

CNN reports on the MP who confronted the Fort Hood shooter; who she is, what she did.

Ivan Lopez first opened fire in the Medical Brigade Building. Then used his weapon again, shooting from a car.

He then walked into the Transportation Battalion Building and fired again, then moved into a parking lot.

His destruction, while terrifying, could have been so much worse had it not been for one female MP.

“She clearly performed her duty exceptionally well,” Lt. Gen. Mark Milley, Commander, Fort Hood said.

Officials at Fort Hood won’t release the MP’s name, saying she’s germane to the investigation.

But former soldiers at Fort Hood tell us she’s likely with the 720th MP Battalion of the 89th MP Brigade.

The base commander says she arrived in the parking lot 4-minutes after the first 9-1-1 call..

He says Lopez approached her from 20-feet away, put his hands up, then reached under his jacket and pulled out his gun.

“…at which time she saw that, interpreted that as a threat, correctly so, and then engaged him with small-arms fire- at which time then the shooter did a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

“Most police officers probably would have stepped back and waited for backup, but she stepped forward,” Lt. Gen. Milley said.

Phillip Carter is a former MP captain at Fort Hood responsible for patrols on-base.

Carter believes she was a junior enlisted person patrolling by herself.

She’d have gone through 18-weeks of training, Carter says, including a segment on a range called ‘shoot-no-shoot’.

“…and you have to make a decision on the range as to whether to engage or not. They’re designed to create that split-second impulse because that’s all you would have in this kind of a situation,” Carter said.

In 2009, it was two civilian officers who stopped Nidal Hassan during his shooting rampage at Fort Hood.

Kimberly Munley was wounded, both received several commendations.

“It’s an honor that I can’t even explain,” Munley said.

Phillip Carter says the MP who stopped Lopez is probably inexperienced.

“So imagine you’re a college student, you’re in that sort of life-and-death situation, and you’re making the right call in a matter of seconds. It’s incredible that she did what she did,” Carter said.

Carter says that MP will likely receive an award for valor and may be targeted for promotion.

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