Carissa Moore wins Margie’s Pro

Carissa Moore / ASP: Kirstin
Carissa Moore / ASP: Kirstin

The Drug Aware Margaret River Pro final would see a rematch from 2013, with reigning two-time ASP Women’s World Champion Carissa Moore tangling in a seesaw battle against Tyler Wright at Main Break.

Wright would strike first in the final, logging a midrange score. The Hawaiian would answer back, belting a series of forehand turns for a 7.50, overtaking Wright for the lead.

Following a lull, Wright would deliver an explosive two-turn combination, netting an 8.00 to regain the lead at the halfway mark in the heat.

Moore would take the lead once again following an additional exchange, netting a 6.87 to Wright’s 6.10 and immediately extend her lead with the highest score of the heat of an 8.23 for a powerful two-turn combination, securing her second consecutive Drug Aware Margaret River Pro victory.

*Courtesy of ASP*

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