Exclusive interview with Danny Kaleikini after DUI arrest

He has been a fixture on the Hawaii entertainment scene for decades. The ambassador of aloha recounted the events of last night.

“I’m glad the officer stopped me because I did have one glass too many. I usually have a glass of wine, but I had two I was with some friends, some ohana, but he did stop me and it’s a good lesson to learn.” Entertainer Danny Kaleikini said.

“I’ve been the ambassador of aloha for so long, I go out there and talk about aloha, I better start using it myself. I’m glad I got stopped.” Kaleikini said.

Close friends of Danny’s – some of whom have faced this same problem – say they will stand by him and offer whatever help they can. I reminded him today of his importance to visitors and locals alike and asked him if that could change.

“You don’t want that to happen.” Kirk Matthews commented.

“I don’t want that to happen. I made a mistake, an honest mistake, and I got to pay for it. I’ll gladly pay for it. Nobody got hurt. I didn’t get into an accident. The thing is – lolo – you’re going to go out and have a drink, take your grandson with you.” Kaleikini said.

Danny was having lunch with his wife and family in Chinatown today. In spite of all his years on the entertainment scene, this the first time the 76 year old has faced this legal situation.

“This is a hard question now, does it have to do with age?” Matthews asked.

“I think so. The older you get, you’re not as wise as you were before. The older I get, I tend to forget.” Kaleikini said.

“What do you take away from this? What is your message to yourself?” Matthews asked.

“Myself, my message is if you’re going to go out with your friends, have a driver. I’m 76 now. I got to get a driver. 422-2222.” Kaleikini said.

Kaleikini’s license has been suspended for the time being.

His court date is set for May 5th.

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