HI teachers evaluate Educator Effectiveness System

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According to Hawaii teachers, more needs to be done to improve the Educator Effectiveness System which was implemented statewide at the beginning of the 2013 to 2014 school year.

The Department of Education and the Hawaii State Teachers Association recently surveyed over 13,000 teachers between Feb. 25 and Mar 11.

Of the 4,200 who responded, only 18 percent felt like they really understood the system.

“I think that our teachers clearly expressed the need for more time to implement the EES. More guidance, more clarity of the expectations of the process. And I think that’s what the data shows,” HSTA President Will Okabe said.

The EES is designed to help students learn in the classroom by evaluating teachers and their effectiveness with their students.

The next step is for the Hawaii State Teachers Association and the Department of Education to work together to come up with recommendations to present to the schools superintendent.

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