HECO to replace old meters with smart meters

The old electric meter may soon be phased out for a new smart meter.

It’s part of Hawaiian Electric Company’s Smart Grid Project to modernize the system.

To start off about 5,200 customers on Oahu will have the option to install a smart meter.

The device will allow HECO to read your meter wirelessly without sending a meter reader.

Customers can also track their usage online.

HECO is holding community meetings to get the word out and address concerns.

“There is no fire risk from this technology. There have been other cities where you seen situations and that’s really been the case of other equipment that was damaged or faulty, and not the fault of the smart grid technology,” HECO spokesman Darren Pai said.

The smart grid infrastructure, including the smart meters, will start being installed next month to certain homes on Oahu.

HECO’s plan is to fully integrate the smart technology system across maui county and the Big Island by the end of 2017 and across Oahu by the end of 2018.

This is pending approval from the state public utilities commission.

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