Photovoltaic systems installed in five more Honolulu schools

Washington Middle School (Photo: Hawaii Pacific Solar)

Five more Honolulu schools have gone solar.

Photovoltaic systems were recently installed at Gus Webling Elementary, Washington Middle School, Palolo Elementary, King William Lunalilo Elementary and Prince Jonah Kuhio Elementary. They are expected to save each school an estimated $600,000-$700,000 over 20 years.

Hawaii Pacific Solar was awarded Dept. of Education contracts to install solar panels at roughly 45 Oahu and Kauai schools under a Power Purchase Agreement whereby the system is owned, operated and maintained by RC Energy of Denver Colorado. The installation is at no cost to DOE.

“As more and more schools rely on solar energy for power, the energy conservation and cost savings will continue to have a large impact on DOE and State budgets,” said Bob Johnston, president and CEO of HPS. “We have now 16 Oahu schools with PV systems and 15 Kauai schools are in the process of installation and should be complete this summer.”

Additionally, HPS is also giving each school lesson plan materials on solar energy, a sun safety program and a flat screen monitor that allows students to do real-time monitoring to see the amount of power being generated and the amount of carbon reduction and energy saving as a result of the solar panels.

The PV systems will each prevent 300,184 pounds of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere — equivalent to the CO2 emissions from 15,265 gallons of gasoline or from 317 barrels of oil.

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