Suspected burglar caught in Waikiki

A Makaha man is behind bars for breaking into a Waikiki bar early Tuesday morning, and he’s suspected of burglarizing the same place several other times.

Honolulu police arrested 18-year-old Jamal Mank.

Around 4:30 a.m. police say an officer saw Mank carrying a rubbish can with a cash register inside.

Officers found out that a nearby bar had been broken into, and the cash register and other items were stolen.

Police linked Mank to the break-in and arrested him on Seaside Avenue for burglary.

We’ve learned it’s not the first time Mank is accused of breaking into Tapa’s Lanai Bar in just the past two weeks.

The owner, John Ing, doesn’t know why his bar was targeted, but it is on the second floor, and a neighboring business owner says he’s seen the suspect hanging out in the area.

Ing showed KHON2 night vision surveillance video of the burglar inside Tapa’s Lanai Bar.

“I feel violated, this is the fourth time he’s done it,” Ing said.

KHON2 asked: “So what did police tell you about what happened, how he got caught?”

Ing replied: “They actually caught him on the street with our merchandise on him including the cash register, liquor and garbage cans he took to load his stuff in so he could get out.”

KHON2 asked: “How do you know this is the guy that was in your shop?”

Ing replied: “Well the hair particularly and also they did catch him with the merchandise, and they had me identify the merchandise that was taken and him in the car.”

KHON2 asked: “What’s your reaction to hearing someone was caught, the suspect was finally caught?”

“One I’m relieved finally because it happened so often in a short amount of time.  I’m very grateful to the police, but they definitely had this area staked and they have a definite presence in Waikiki so I am gratified for that.”

The suspect is being held at HPD’s main station awaiting charges.

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