Westboro church group run out of Oklahoma town

Westboro protesters run out of town
Westboro protesters run out of town

MOORE, Okla. (KOCO/CNN) — A heated face-off between the Westboro Baptist Church and thousands of people in Moore, Oklahoma ended with the protesters packing up and taking off.

The group was there to say that last year’s devastating tornado was “punishment from God,” but the town wasn’t having it.

Sunday afternoon in Moore…

“Hate breeds hate and love breeds love,” said a Moore resident.

“It’s raining, it’s cold, but I’m here to support Moore,” said another Moore resident.

The support more than 2,000 deep, all eyes on the protesters standing behind a line of police.

“These people, Westboro, they think they’re better,” said Moore High student Dillon Johnson. “But they fall short of the glory just like we all do.”

But there was no sermon.

The only message? Go home.

“My best suggestion to those people across the street, find a country, and get a plane ticket,” said one man dressed as Captain America, who followed sarcastically, “I suggest Malaysian Airlines.”

The Westboro signs didn’t stay long as a fiery crowd, burst.

Less than 10 minutes after arriving, the Kansas church was gone, throwing whatever they could inside vans as police fought to keep everyone in check.

“If you come out here you’re going to get all of us telling you to go home,” said Moore native Brenda Fox.

“Moore strong that’s all we are,” smiled Johnson. “We are a family, we gotta stick together and this proves it.”

Moore police report no one was arrested or taken into custody, saying despite the high tensions the crowd remained relatively respectful.

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