Roadwork to be re-done in Wahiawa

A contractor has just completed extensive repaving of city surface streets in the town of Wahiawa, but the project has run into a bump in the road. Actually, it is more like a dip – a number of dips, to be exact.

The city and the contractor are now trying to figure out what is happening on Iliwai Drive and just how much it will cost to repair the road.

It’s not very noticeable when you are standing off to the side of Iliwai Drive, but when you drive over this stretch of road in Wahiawa drivers will notice something not quite right.

There are a number of dips here enough to draw the concern of residents in the area.

“You have to drive slow – and there’s so many bumps, you know, from just going down the street,” said William Kahapea, a resident of Iliwai Drive. “About 5 to 10 bumps.”

“Very noticeable dips as you go down Iliwai Drive,” said Honolulu City Council Chairman Ernie Martin, who represents Wahiawa. “I mean, its not subtle, or gradual, it’s very significant.”

KHON2 wanted to find out who would be responsible to repair the dips on the road and we were told by the city director overseeing this project that they are not blaming contractor, Road and Highway Builders of Nevada.

A change order will have to be done, and that it will come at the expense of the taxpayers.

The Director of the City’s Department of Design and Construction told KHON2 that the dips are not the fault of the contractor because it was an “unforeseen site condition.”

Director Chris Takashige added that the city will not know the cost of the repairs, and when they can be done, until the contractor goes back and digs up the road to find out what actually caused the dips.

What the city does know is that the damage was not triggered by any leaks from water or sewer lines.

At first, residents thought the dips were either some kind of traffic calming project or perhaps some kind of mistake.

“I thought it was inverted speed bumps – and then when I found it was just our street, I was taken aback – why, why us?” said Kahapea.

“I don’t like that we have to pay for it, that it was a mistake,” said Kahapea’s wife, Elizabeth.

KHON2 told Ms. Kahapea that it was not a mistake, that it was an “unforeseen site condition,” and that you still have to pay for it.

She responded, “I don’t like that idea, but they got to do what they got to do, I guess.”

Council chairman Martin said this is the first time the city has conducted extensive road repaving work in Wahiawa in more than 20 years.

The total cost for all the recent roadwork in the community comes out to $9 million.

KHON2 will follow-up with this story to find out when the repair work will happen on Iliwai Drive, and just how much more it will cost the taxpayers.

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