UH-Manoa chancellor explains cost-cutting measures

University of Hawaii at Manoa chancellor Tom Apple is looking at ways to cut costs and increase revenue for Hawaii’s only public university.

Apple says this year, the bill for all utilities on campus is expected to reach $52 million. He says the school has its own grid, but experts tell him it’s not being fully optimized.

Apple is trying to find ways to do that, which could cut utility costs by 25 percent.

“We’re figuring out way to be more efficient that way,” Apple told KHON2. “You can’t sit back and say, ‘We’re really lean, so we don’t have to worry.’ We’re going to try to be even more so.”

Apple also talked about issues with the Warrior Recreation Center, which is scheduled to open Friday, more than a year after it was expected to.

“We just need tighter processes, tighter contracting, more communication between the three entities responsible for getting the building done,” Apple said.

The center cost $33.9 million and includes a multipurpose gymnasium, an indoor jogging track, a fitness center, locker rooms and showers.

It was supposed to open in December 2012, but a number of factors delayed the project, including unforeseen site conditions.

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