Contractor responds to Wahiawa road repaving problem

Just when repaving work was completed on Iliwai Dr. in Wahiawa, several dips appeared on the road. The work was part of a $9 million repaving contract for city streets in Wahiawa done by Nevada-based contractor Road and Highway Builders.

On Thursday, KHON2 followed up with the contractor, and learned from the company that previous work on the road may have caused the dips.

The company is paving a number of streets on the island, including Enchanted Lake, Mililani and Wahiawa.

Company construction manager Aaron Hites told KHON2 that his own preliminary investigation revealed previous trench work in the neighborhood by a utility may have caused the dips along Iliwai Dr. He says he is not sure what utility may have done the work.

The city director overseeing roadwork projects says the dips did not come from water or sewer utilities in the area. The director of the City’s Dept. of Design and Construction says this was an “unforeseen site condition,” that the contractor is not to blame, and that taxpayers will have to foot the repair cost through a change order.

Director Chris Takashige said until the company can get back to Iliwai Dr., dig up the road and find out the cause of the dips, he does not know when the repair work will begin or how much it will cost.

KHON2 has reported on complaints about the company in the past. Back in June, the company left open trenches in Kailua that injured a bicyclist who fell in. Another incident in Wahaiwa, tied to the same $9 million project that included work on Iliwai Dr., left a steep drop-off at a homeowner’s driveway that damaged her car.

KHON2 called the State Contractors Board in Nevada to learn more about the company’s history. The board says there is no record of disciplinary action taken against Road and Highway Builders since its license was first issued there in 2000.

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