Google Glass available to anyone in the U.S. for just one day

Google Glass (
Google Glass (

Google announced today it will allow anyone in the U.S. to buy Google Glass on April 15.

They made the one day program public after it leaked was leaked by The Verge.

The company says that spots in their “Explorer Program” are limited and you can sign up for a reminder when the sign ups begin at 6 a.m. Hawaii time.

Google Glass sells for $1,500 + tax.

Google also is making a variety of shades and frames available. In March, Google signed a partnership deal with Luxottica, the manufacturer of Ray-Ban and Oakley.

72% of Americans cited privacy concerns as the main reason they would not wear Google Glass in a poll conducted by market-research firm Toluna, reported in Adweek.

The second major concern cited by Toluna’s survey respondents was distractibility.

There are organizations that are testing Google Glass including law enforcement, the military, and medicine.

The video attached to this post is from the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston. Doctors in their ER have been using Google Glass since last December. The device helps their doctors quickly access information like medical records and x-rays without a computer.

“The grand challenge of health has always been delivering the right information to the right person at the right time, and Google Glass finally allows us to do that,” Dr. Steven Horng said.

Become a Glass Explorer on April 15th

On April 15th at 9am EDT, you’ll have a limited time chance to join the Explorer Program. Sign up below for a reminder to purchase or come back on April 15th at 9am EDT.

To discover new places, sometimes we need to leave the map behind. And that’s what Glass Explorers do. They are the first to make, to tinker, to create, to shape, and to share through Glass. We’re expanding little by little, and experimenting with different ways of bringing new Explorers into the program. If you’re a US resident with a US shipping address, over 18 years old, and are interested in joining, you can sign up below.

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