USPS to offer late collection on Tax Day, no curbside service

A total of 26 Post Offices across the state will offer late collection of mail from specially marked collection boxes on federal Tax Day, Tuesday, Apr. 15, to accommodate last-second filers of federal tax returns, the U.S. Postal Service says.

All Post Offices will be closing at their regular times. The Airport Post Office in Honolulu will be the last to close at 8 p.m. and will be the best bet for last-second customers who need to purchase stamps or special services.

The 26 Post Offices listed below will have blue collection boxes labeled with special bright orange signs indicating Tax Mail Drop – Final Pick-Up Midnight. Tax forms with correct postage deposited in those specially designated boxes and slots by midnight will receive Apr. 15 postmarks.

Collection boxes and Post Office lobby drops at all other Post Offices will be collected only at their regular posted times on Apr. 15.

The locations of the 26 Post Offices offering late collections are:


  • Airport (Main) Post Office
  • Downtown Post Office
  • Ewa Beach Post Office
  • Hawaii Kai Post Office
  • Kailua Post Office
  • Kaneohe Post Office
  • Kapalama Post Office
  • Makiki Post Office
  • Mililani Post Office
  • Pearl City Post Office
  • Waialae Kahala Post Office
  • Waialua Post Office
  • Waianae Post Office
  • Waikiki Post Office
  • Waipahu Post Office


  • Kahului Post Office
  • Kihei Post Office
  • Lahaina (Main) Post Office
  • Makawao Post Office
  • Wailuku Post Office


  • Hilo (Airport) Post Office
  • Kailua-Kona Post Office
  • Kamuela Post Office


  • Lihue Main Post Office


  • Kaunakakai Post Office


  • Lanai City Post Office

Due to the declining numbers of citizens who submit hard-copy tax returns by mail, the Postal Service no longer provides curbside service to last-second filers of tax mail at its drive-by collection boxes.

According to the IRS, as of March 28, 91 percent of tax returns nationwide this year have been filed online. Jennifer Jenkins, IRS Field Media Relations, said that of the 148 million returns expected to be filed this year only 23 million will be paper returns, which is down 7 percent from last year.

The Postal Service provides the following friendly reminders regarding the mailing of tax returns:

  • Not all boxes will be collected late – If you are mailing your return in a blue collection box or a drop slot at the post office, be sure to check the schedule for the last collection time. Except in specially marked boxes at designated locations (see above list), returns deposited AFTER the last collection time will NOT receive Apr. 15 postmarks.
  • Beat the rush, mail early – Mail your tax returns early in the day. Post Offices typically become congested during lunch time and in the late afternoon and evening on the Tax Day deadline.
  • Ensure proper postage – Be sure to check that adequate postage is applied to your tax return. First-Class postage for a one-ounce letter is 49 cents. Large envelopes and items weighing more than one ounce or greater than ¼-inch thick require additional postage; check with a postal clerk to determine correct postage, or check the Postal Service web site at <; for a postage rate calculator. Tax agencies do not accept postage due mail; tax returns bearing insufficient postage will be returned-meaning taxpayers may be penalized for filing late tax returns.
  • Proof of mailing/delivery – Mailers seeking proof of mailing and delivery should request “Certified Mail with Return Receipt” when mailing tax returns.
  • Ensure proper addressing – Use pre-addressed labels where possible. Write clearly. Take special care to ensure that handwritten envelopes are legible. Include a return address. Make sure that bulky envelopes are securely sealed.
  • Heavy packages require personal drop off – Mail with postage paid by postage stamps (as opposed to postage meter strips) that weighs more than 12 ounces must be presented in person to a clerk at a Post Office. Returns meeting this description that are deposited in collection boxes will be returned to their senders.
  • Tax forms not available at Post Offices – Post Offices do not carry tax forms. Suggestion: Check out the IRS’s web site for downloadable forms.

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