Family of cold case murder victim renews plea for help

David Walden

Family members of a cold case murder victim are frustrated that they still don’t have any closure after 20 years.

On the morning of April 16, 1994, 51-year-old David Walden was waiting at Pier 24 for a production truck to arrive from Maui. That’s when two people on a motorcycle confronted the film equipment administrator and shot him to death. Witnesses reported hearing five gunshots and saw the suspects speed off immediately afterward.

For Walden’s family, it’s been two decades of sorrow and frustration. Now, there’s a renewed call for anyone with new information to come forward and help them get justice.

“There was a lot of evidence and they were close to solving the case, so yeah, it’s really frustrating,” said Angela Whitworth, Walden’s daughter.

Whitworth was only 15 years old when her father was murdered. She says HPD had plenty of information to solve the case, including witnesses at the scene.

Police also know that Walden was threatened the night before he was killed. “He was threatened by this person and the next day he’s dead, so that’s pretty hard-hitting evidence,” Whitworth said.

HPD says a new detective was assigned to the case in the past year and is examining the evidence, but admits this is a very difficult case.

“There were witnesses who heard the shooting and went outside and saw the suspects getting on the motorcycle and fleeing,” said Maj. Richard Robinson of the Honolulu Police Department.

But because of what they were wearing, police say the suspects were never identified.

“Motorcycle helmets with colored visors covering their faces so you couldn’t see,” Robinson said. “We assume it’s a male, but you can’t even say whether it’s a male or female.”

Investigative reporter Jim Dooley had covered the case closely and says both the police and the FBI had some prime suspects.

“I think they had a fairly good idea of who they thought was responsible but it was simply a question of getting the evidence,” he said.

Dooley and the police believe that there are still people out there with useful information and might have been afraid to say anything 20 years ago because of the nature of the crime.

“This homicide does seem to have an organized crime connection to it,” said Robinson.

Anyone with information on the case is asked to call HPD’s Criminal Investigation Division at 723-3609.

Walden’s family has started a Facebook page to track the investigation. View it here.

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