High school football star accused of manslaughter speaks

Gerime Bradley

The high school football star accused of beating a man to death is out of jail and spoke to KHON2 in an exclusive interview.

Gerime Bradley, 18, posted $200,000 bail Thursday after pleading not guilty to the crime.

On March 23, police say Bradley knocked John Howard, 38, unconscious near Howard’s home in Ewa Beach. Howard died a few days later.

Police charged Bradley with manslaughter.

“Out of my heart, my full heart, not just the bottom, but my full heart, I sincerely apologize for the incident that did happen to the Howard family,” he said. “Honestly, I’m not that kind of guy. I wouldn’t do that kind of stuff. I apologize out of my whole heart. To God, I ask for His forgiveness. I ask for their forgiveness. I truly didn’t mean what happened.”

The McKinley High School senior went back to school Friday. Bradley broke down in tears talking about the warm welcome he received.

“When I first went to school, a lot of people were so happy to see me and I was so happy to see them and it’s just, hearing them and feeling their hug was wonderful,” he said.

KHON2 wanted to know the Dept. of Education’s rules about getting back to class after an arrest for a violent crime. In a statement, the DOE says in part, it doesn’t have jurisdiction over what happens off campus, but the law says kids have to go to school unless they are granted a special exemption.

The DOE also says its behavior guidelines only apply to crimes and behaviors that happen on campus, on school transportation or at a school event.

Bradley says he’s focused on catching up on his school work and getting ready for the prom. “I do have a date. She’s beautiful,” he said.

“He’s still the same Gerime that they knew before,” said Bradley’s father, who also goes by the same name. “He hasn’t changed. (My heart) goes out to the Howard family, but he’s still the same boy. I still see him as my little baby. I raised him myself.”

Bradley hopes to go to a junior college on the mainland where he can pursue his football dreams.

But he still has to deal with his legal troubles. His manslaughter trial is tentatively set for June.

“Hawaii’s public schools have disciplinary policies in place governing student misconduct on campus and during official school activities. Schools have no jurisdiction to address misconduct that may occur outside of school. State law requires all school age children in Hawaii to attend either a public or private school unless exempted from compulsory education under Hawaii Revised Statutes §302A-1132.”

Link to Chapter 19, the Hawaii Administrative Rule regarding student misconduct: http://www.hawaiiboe.net/AdminRules/Pages/AdminRule19.aspx

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