State Auditor applauds Public Charter School Commission

Hawaii’s new State Public Charter School Commission is getting high marks from the State Auditor.

According to a report released Thursday, the commission promises to establish real oversight and accountability throughout the charter schools system. The report highlights the commission’s Performance Framework, which actively monitors and assesses schools’ financial, academic and organization performance.

The commission was established in 2012 after the state found the Charter School Review Panel ineffective.

“Hawaii Public Charter Schools Network saw first-hand the hard work and effort put in by all parties involved to make significant progress quickly and with limited resources to adapt to Act 130, SLH 2012, a recodification of Hawaii’s charter school law,” said Lynn Finnegan, HPCSN’s executive director. “There is, however, still much work to be done. Accountability systems often stifle flexibility and autonomy, the very things that make charter schools so unique and innovative.

“We believe that as the system of oversight and accountability improves, so will the ability to showcase the positive impact of charter schools in their communities,” Finnegan said.

The State Auditor says there is still much work to be done, including finalizing the academic performance framework and establishing a formal plan for site visits, which is a requirement of charter contracts.

The full report can be viewed here.

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